Emergency and Restoration Services Case Study
St. John Nuemann Catholic Church Flood

St. John Nuemann Catholic Church, St. Charles, IL

During expansion remodeling, an improperly installed water main extension flooded St. John Nuemann Catholic Church with over 500,000 gallons of water. The flood also resulted in sewage back-ups into the church facilities. Areas affected included the chapel, administrative offices, nursery, school and gymnasium.

Basement level classrooms were flooded with “gray water” – a mixture of fresh water and sewage from the ejector pump sump tanks. The first floor classrooms, administrative offices, gymnasium and other public areas were flooded with “black water” sewage back-up, which was pushed up out of the restroom plumbing by the extreme pressure of the basement level flooding.

EBM responded within two hours of the initial call to begin a comprehensive recovery effort.  We arrived with pumping equipment, a clean-up crew and experienced project managers.

The clean-up crew immediately began work on flooded basement areas while the project manager met with representatives from the church, insurance company and construction remodeling contractor to develop a rapid response recovery plan.  The critical priority was re-opening the church’s chapel as soon as possible to prevent loss of parish membership, and to maintain weekly contributions.    

The EBM team conducted gray water and black water sanitation cleaning, followed by treatment with drying and dehumidification equipment.  We also provided industrial hygiene services to conduct air and surface testing to ensure that the church facilities were safe for re-occupancy by church staff and parish members.

As a result of this well-coordinated plan of action, the church was restored with regular Sunday services with one week.

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