Document Restoration Services Case Study
BroMenn Medical Center Flood

BroMenn Medical Center, Bloomington, Illinois

A heavy rainstorm caused a “gray water” flood – a mixture of water and sewage – of a creek adjacent to the hospital. The hospital flooded, and hundreds of thousands of pages of patient records were damaged.

The records were dried in an attempt to save them, but improper drying removed too much moisture. The documents became brittle and impossible to handle. Furthermore, bacterial contamination from the gray water flood made the records unsuitable for use in a medical facility.

EBM brought in a document handling team to restore the patient records. Humidification tents were set up to re-introduce moisture into the records so they could be handled.

Each record was reproduced in every detail.  The inner file records were duplicated, as well as the code stickers on the exterior of each file relevant to the hospital record retention facility’s organization system.  More than 15,000 file folders of patient records were restored to active use.

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