Emergency and Restoration Services Case Study
Olathe Medical Center Incinerator Fire

Olathe Medical Center, Olathe, Kansas

Olathe Medical Center’s in-house medical waste incinerator caught fire outside of the incinerator furnace. Approximately 30 yards of biohazard waste staged outside the incinerator awaiting proper disposal was partially burned. The electronic and mechanical in-feed components of the incinerator were also damaged in the fire, as well as the roof of the incinerator building.

As a result of this disaster, the incinerator was unusable. Because of this, the medical center and its insurance provider were incurring substantial costs for the disposal of biohazard waste.

Acting as a Project Manager for the medical center and its insurance provider, EBM developed and implemented a comprehensive plan for hazardous material clean-up, equipment restoration and facility reconstruction. Subsequent negotiations between EBM and the medical center’s waste hauler produced over $30,000 in savings for biohazardous waste removal.

Before repair work could begin, the partially burned biohazardous waste had to be removed and properly disposed of.  Furthermore, the entire incinerator and incinerator building had to be cleaned and sanitized to make the area safe for skilled craftsmen to repair equipment, and restore and reconstruct the building.  

In addition to managing the project, EBM provided the specially trained crew that performed the hazardous material clean-up and sanitation of the building when the project commenced.  We also provided the industrial hygiene air and surface testing necessary to ensure the clean-up resulted in a safe work environment for mechanical, electrical and construction tradesmen.

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