Emergency and Restoration Services Case Study
Roadway Express Flood

Roadway Express Facility, Akron, Ohio

The entire lower level of facility was flooded with up to 2 ½ feet of water caused by heavy rainstorms and overloaded water pumps. Lower level impacted by rainwater coupled with residual drain back up sewage.

Immediate response recovery effort began with the placement of commercial pumping equipment to promptly evacuate bulk water from impacted areas. After initial response water pumping, EBM was tasked with the disassembling of over 100 workstations and the relocation of these workstations to non-impacted areas. Subsequently impacted wall areas were cut out in order to access these areas for chemical treatment and dring out. All previously relocated workstations and associated furnishings were completed cleaned and treated with Anti-Mold, Anti-Bacterial solutions. All carpet was (3) step cleaned/extracted and chemically treated prior to EBM reconstructing and replacing all furnishings.

Working in synergy with the entire projects team, EBM put together a comprehensive plan to bring the impacted work areas back on line in a safe and timely manner.

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