Emergency and Restoration Services Case Study
Quebecor World - Equipment Restoration Cleaning

Quebecor World, Elk Grove Village, IL

Quebecor World required an immediate response to completely clean (2) Commercial Printing Presses. Cleaning consisted of entire core/shell and all associated components. Quebecor World required immediate response services in order to prepare this vital equipment for prompt relocation and immediate set up in Mexico and Canada.

Immediate response service effort began with the placement of (10) EBM staff members and a management team. Working with end user on-site management, EBM was tasked with providing necessary equipment, labor, supervision and proper chemicals to clean every single component of these large Commercial printing units.

The customer mandate was "get these units totally clean and ready to function immediately upon delivery "because down time equals money lost! The customer's timeline for services was exceeded and the results of EBM 's services were well received.

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