Green Policy and Programs

EBM is dedicated to operating in an environmentally responsible manner not just as a company, but also as a service provider.

Green Policy
EBM is committed to supporting local, national and global green initiatives both internally and within our clients’ facilities.  Our goal is to provide high quality, cost-effective cleaning services while minimizing our impact on the environment and upholding industry-defined green objectives. Our environmentally responsible business practices include:

  • Minimizing the use of cleaning chemicals that may adversely impact indoor air quality
  • Identifying and reporting sources of poor indoor air quality
  • Employing chemicals and equipment manufactured using methods that minimize pollution Identifying and implementing energy conservation practices when scheduling and executing our cleaning services
  • Participating in our customers’ waste reduction and recycling programs
  • Promoting environmentally friendly practices - such as carpooling - to our employees

Green Objectives 
The primary objectives of green cleaning, as defined by the industry, are:

  • Use safer chemicals
  • Train staff on safer procedures
  • Improve the indoor environment
  • Reduce adverse health effects

Green Cleaning Programs
EBM offers more than just environmentally responsible janitorial services.  We also offer consulting services and can work with facility managers to get your organization on the path to green cleaning.  
We have designed a variety of Green Cleaning Programs that support the industry’s Green Objectives while encompassing the service specifications of our customers.  These optional programs are available to supplement our customers’ existing services.  
Your company’s green cleaning initiative can be as simple as implementation of a recycling program, or as ambitious as obtaining a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.  Our team will work with you to evaluate current practices, determine your goals and provide recommendations for your facility’s customized green action plan.

Green cleaning practices that may contribute your facility’s Green Cleaning Program include:

  • Day cleaning and team cleaning to reduce energy use
  • Microfiber cleaning tools for dust and dirt encapsulation
  • Automated dispensing systems to improve cleaning chemical efficiency
  • HEPA Filtration vacuuming to improve air quality
Contact us to learn how we can implement a Green Cleaning Program at your facility