Specialty Cleaning Services

In addition to an array of standard janitorial services, EBM Special Project Crews have the training and experience to handle specialty cleaning jobs in many areas.  These specialty services can be added, upon request, to any RFP.

Contact us today to discuss any questions you may have regarding any of these specialty services for your facility, or to inquire about a cleaning need unique to your business.

Blood Born Pathogens  
In 1991, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) began requiring employers to establish a Blood Born Pathogens Exposure Control Plan to protect employees from the health hazards associated with direct contact with blood or other infectious materials. EBM has developed a thorough Blood Born Pathogens Exposure Control Plan in strict accordance with OSHA requirements.

EBM can provide, as part of your janitorial staff, highly trained teams with the personal protective equipment and materials necessary to perform proper blood clean-up. These teams are specifically trained to handle cleaning of controlled access clean rooms, as well as the removal and safe disposal of bio-hazardous materials.

Don’t need our staff to perform routine blood borne pathogen cleaning tasks, but want an emergency clean-up team available in the rare case of a blood spill?  Learn more about our Emergency Services.

Clean Rooms and Controlled Access Rooms
Controlled access environments are another technical and specialty cleaning assignment EBM special project crews are trained to perform.  Our employees follow strict guidelines for entering and working in these restricted areas.  

Our special project crews are trained to eliminate sources of contamination in a Clean Room environment.  Procedural controls start with personal hygiene and proper gowning, and extend to every cleaning supply and piece of equipment authorized for use in the area.  Thorough training and careful supervision ensures the work our special project crews support the strict tolerances necessary for these sensitive manufacturing and testing facilities.

Pandemic Cleaning Strategies
EBM has prepared a Pandemic Response Cleaning Plan to assist our customers with intervention in the event of a pandemic influenza virus.  The front line of defense in minimizing the negative impact of such a pandemic, however, must begin with your organization, its management and all its employees.
Should a pandemic flu arise, we strongly suggest your organization be prepared to augment sanitation efforts by making sanitizing wipes and sanitizing supplies readily available to all your employees. The Department of Homeland Security  provides additional information and recommendations regarding personal protection products.

Contact us to learn more about the EBM Pandemic Cleaning Response Plan.

Industrial Equipment Cleaning
Our Special Projects Crews have equipment-specific training to perform heavy cleaning and removal of built-up industrial grease and grime from a wide variety of industrial machines.  These crews can work after hours or can be scheduled for a quick turnaround “cleaning blitz” in order to reduce costly equipment downtime.

Parking Lot Cleaning

In additional to being a customer’s first impression of your business, parking lots are the source of up to 80% of the dirt that comes into your facility.  Routine cleaning not only extends the life of your parking lot pavement, it also reduces the amount of debris tracked indoors.

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning
Ultrasonic blind cleaning extends the life of the working mechanisms of your window blinds, allowing them to operate more efficiently and reducing replacement costs over time.  It also improves employee health by eliminating a major source of indoor allergens such as dust, pollen and germs.

Acoustical Ceiling Tile Cleaning
Dirty ceiling tiles not only look bad, they can impact energy efficiency by reducing light transmission.  They have even been identified in some cases as the source of organisms that caused outbreaks of illness.  EBM can clean your acoustical tile ceilings at a fraction of the cost of repainting or replacement.

Repair/Maintenance Services
Keep your facilities operating smoothly and efficiently with EBM maintenance teams trained to meet your business’s unique needs.