EBM Training Programs

EBM’s web Enabled Training System is designed to allow EBM to centrally administer training sessions and content, while also providing a wide range of training subjects and modules to individuals, available with the click of a mouse.  This system is designed to help bridge the language barrier as the training is in English, Polish and Spanish.  This enables EBM to ensure that all of our employees receive the proper training and that they understand the training in a language with which they are comfortable and familiar.  This type of training can be given anywhere allowing EBM to ensure consistent training to all employees.

Web Enabled Training also allows for special training requirements that can emerge.  With this system EBM will be able to rapidly design and web publish training content tailored to address the specific training need at hand. A clear example is the recent H1N1 epidemic. With EBM’s Web Enabled Training System, EBM will be able to rapidly develop training content for special disinfection cleaning processes publish it on the system and issue the directive to administer the H1N1 response training at all employees.  To close the loop, EBM will also be able to monitor all employees in all locations to assure that the training has been received within a specified deadline time frame.